The manner change of Premium Photo service

Hello, this is Korgou Service Center.

Today, we would inform that we would change the way we carry out .
We have made decision to take the photographs including only exterior of each product, and we would never open any item covered with wrap or plastic bag.
Please make reference to below picture.

Provided that you want us to open it for detailed photograph, we would like you to fill out <Detailed description of the goods> with specific requirements.
<EX 1> would be good example.

<EX 1>

(We would uncover only one wrapped item, in case that there are so many items to work it on. If you want to see all photocards in all of the wrapped albums, apply for Disposal service to “DISPOSE” the wrap.)

With request like <EX 2>, it would be so vague that we would not work on opening.

<EX 2>

Also, there would be no responsibility to us for the opening request.

We are always so grateful that you use our service. We would do our best for your satisfaction.

Best regards,

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