Customs Policy

Hello, this is KorGou.

Recently, some packages from KorGou have not been cleared by customs authorities. Such issues are often caused when customers enter inappropriate item name and total value for the customs declaration in a forwarding application. Since KorGou provides the couriers with declaration just as customers fill out, we are informing that customers are required to fill correct and accurate information in the both fields.

1. Item(contents) name
The item names should be written with the word letting customs identify what the contents are contained in the package. The name written below can cause clearance delay because they are too inclusive and vague.
e.g.) merchandise, clothing, stationery, etc.

We invite customers to kindly fill out exact and concrete contents name for smooth clearance.
e.g.) Music albums, photobooks, Man’s jacket, ballpoint

2. Total value
The total value for each item is very important factor to price the customs duty. And customs confirm whether the value you declared is reasonable for the contents or not. Customers are also asked to declare the accurate price you actually paid for the item. The undervaluation, filling lower value than the cost you paid, causes a serious problem in clearance of your packages. (If you got some items for free, you should enter the price of the item itself. The value “0” is not allowed.) Otherwise, KorGou would determine its reasonable market price and declared value would be higher by KorGou, determining its reasonable market price.

If your package is forwarded, ignoring either of the policies, your packages can be returned or discarded by customs. Since the issue happens after overseas shipping completed, we cannot refund any cost to you. Also, the returned package can be registered only after you pay for the returning fee the courier demands.

Nov. 11. 2023 (K.S.T.)

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