An available branch for GS25 Half-Price Delivery

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This notice is about the package by Half-Price Delivery of GS25 Convenience Store.
When you buy something through personal transaction, some sellers use this courier because of its cheaper delivery fee. Instead, even if the seller fills out KorGou address, this courier delivers packages only to a store nearby KorGou.
Providing you are aware that the seller would use this courier, request the seller to make the package delivered to this branch: GS25 Seongnam-Banpoh. If the package has been delivered to other branch, extra fee would be charged for pick-up. In case of so much distant branch from KorGou, we cannot stop by there.
In terms of the available branch, make reference to below

And from the seller, you need to get QR Code of the package to give us.

Please notify through an e-mail with the QR Code attached if the package has been delivered to the store.

Branch name: GS25 Seongnam Banpoh (GS25 성남반포점)
(In the red-lined building)

Best regards,

P. S. Recently, the number of Unidentified Packages are increasing because KorGou ID is absent on a waybill.
When you buy something through personal transaction (such as Bunjang or Twitter), you should request the seller to write your KorGou ID on the envelope or the waybill. Otherwise, your package can be registered in Unidentified Packages section because it is not able to identify its owner (purchaser). Note that The most important point we mainly check is that whether the KorGou ID has been surely written.
(If you try to include name, the last few letters can be omitted on the waybill. So request the seller to fill in only KorGou ID.) (September 1, 2023 in K.S.T)

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