Extended exemption of Assisted Purchase fee

Hello, this is Korgou.

Today, We are pleased to inform you that we make a big decision!

Thanks for your so hot support, we have decided to extend the promotional period! So, it would be by Dec, 9th!

We always appreciate for your attention!

※ To make sure, there is an exception for this promotion. For such type of Assisted Purchase, the extra charge would be added as much 20,000KRW because we have to contact with the seller, confirm if they are scammer and perform photo service.
ex) Purchase from second-hand market such as Bungae Jangteo(Bunjang), Daangn Market, Joonggonara or P2P trade from social media such as Twitter.

Currency Converter

The USD exchange rate has included the fees charged by PayPal. For more details, please refer to Pricing.