Original Wrapping Removal Service is Back!! (3rd June)

​Many of the items purchased and delivered in the store come in bulky boxes.
Such a large volume will cost a lot when shipping overseas according to the rate policy of Courier’s company.

For this we offer a special service to Reduce Shipping Costs for Our Overseas Customers.
Premium re-packing Service and Original Wrapping Removal Service that has been discontinued.

Original wrapping removal service
This is a service that removes the packaging box of goods purchased at the store.

Shipping costs can be reduced by reducing the volume, but there is a Risk of Damage to the item.
We are not responsible for damage caused by unpacking services.

Also, after unpacking, we do not attach a separate Tracking Number for the item to the forwarding box.

Premium re-packing service
Remove the original packaging of the product and Protect it with Additional Bubble Wrap for Safety.

Please refer to this notice and use each service as needed when applying for forwarding.
We will continue to strive to provide better service.

Thank you.

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