! New domestic delivery policy !

The domestic shipping policy will be changed from 14th May.

From now on, domestic delivery service will be available without restrictions to all regions in Korea according to customer requests.
Previously, domestic delivery was only possible to a customer’s relatives or friends.

Let us explain some important principles.

  • If you apply for forwarding to a domestic address, we no longer provide consolidation and premium repackaging services. Packages will be delivered in the condition of individual package in the warehouse.
  • It is also not possible to convert an overseas delivery request to a domestic delivery in Korea.

Lastly, the domestic shipping fee will be increased from 7,000 won to 9,000 won per package.

This regulation applies to orders applied from May 14, 2022 and it does not apply to previously applied and packaged parcels.
The regulation is implemented to prevent loss caused by repacking and disputes between the parties due to domestic shipments.

Please check the changed new domestic delivery policy carefully and use the service.

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