As we previously announced, customers are required to provide detailed information when applying for forwarding.

Item content / Quantity / Total Value

Custoemr need to tell us what the product is, how many the items are, and how much is the total amount for each section.
Also, if you write a gift or an unclear item for the item content, it is impossible to apply for delivery.
Even if it is delivered, we would like to remind you once again that you may be at a disadvantage when passing through Customs.
eg) Unable to pass through customs, paying a lot of customs, etc.

Acceptable information
clothes/ 2/ 40

Unacceptable information
Gift/ 1/2/
Merchandise/ 2/2/

Due to the prolonged global pandemic, it is becoming increasingly difficult to pass through customs for overseas shipments.
We would like to inform you that the customs of each country requires more accurate information.

Thus, the cooperation of customers is required for faster and smoother delivery.

Currency Converter

The USD exchange rate has included the fees charged by PayPal. For more details, please refer to Pricing.