What’s assisted purchase/payment?

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Acting payment is KorGou’s service to place orders or payments on Korean websites instead of customers.

Since many Korean shopping websites are not open to foreigners, many users even choose to register. Once you understand what you like, you can’t place orders on your own. Many other websites, even though foreigners can register, still have trouble making the final payment because they do not support overseas cards such as VISA/MASTER/JCB. In view of the special situation of shopping sites in Korea, KorGou has launched a proxy payment service that can either use KorGou’s own account number to order for users or log in to a website that has already been registered to complete the final settlement for users.

In addition, KorGou can provide bank accounts in Korea or related charge-up accounts for its users. Customers need only use RMB or US dollar to settle with KorGou at the current exchange rate, which is much faster and more efficient than traditional international bank remittance methods, and more accurate transfers and easier to deal with




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