What websites do KorGou’s assisted purchase/payment service support?

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KorGou’s assisted purchase/payment service supports nearly all kinds of websites whether they are online shopping malls or other general sites, unless there are specific laws or regulations spitulating that the end users should reside in Korea domestic.

However, we are not dealing with second-hand market due to loss and fraud.

Please be informed that we are not in a position to provide you with assisted purchase for the item which is sold by personal seller as per our business policy.

Please place an order of the item you want to buy on your seller directly.

We can furnish you with our assisted payment service on behalf of you after you order the item and inform us of the ordered amount and the seller’s bank details (name of bank, account number, name of bebeficiary).



请直接向卖主联系订购想要购买的商品, 贵公司订购该商品后,我方可代贵方提供协助付款服务,并告知所订购金额及卖方银行资料(银行名称,帐户编号,收款人姓名)。

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