What domestic payment methods do KorGou’s assisted purchase/payment service support?

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KorGou, which owns the settlement accounts of several major banks in Korea, supports payment methods such as bank transfers, credit cards (non-normal CHECK CARD or debit cards) , which can meet the collection requirements of almost all Korean websites or recipients.

However, if discount events on individual websites can only be enjoyed using a particular credit card company’s credit card, they are generally not available for the following reasons:
•  Generally such discounts are promoted for new or smaller credit card companies, and in            most cases KorGou does not have a corresponding credit card for credit card companies.
• Most credit card-based discount activities (e.g. 10% of the premium for using Lotte Card) have   a maximum quota or a frequency limit (e.g. a maximum monthly limit of 30000 KRW or up to twice), so even KorGou cannot enjoy the discount even if it happens to have the corresponding payment method.

KorGou拥有韩国多家主要银行的结算账户,支持通过银行转账、现金支票、现金交易、信用卡(非普通CHECK CARD或借记卡)、手机小额结算等支付方式,可以满足几乎所有韩国网站或收款方的收款要求。


  • 一般此类优惠为新的或小的信用卡公司推广使用,大部分情况下KorGou没有对应信用卡公司的信用卡。
  • 大部分信用卡的此类优惠活动(如使用乐天信用卡支付优惠10%)都有最高额度限制或次数限制(如每月最高限额30000KRW或最多两次),因此即使KorGou恰好具有此对应的支付方式也无法享受此优惠。
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