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Upon registration at, users will be assigned a free Korean address to which packages can be domestically delivered. The next step will be register at Korean online shopping sites. KorGou highly suggests users join and get a free naver email address with which users sign up in Korean websites.

Naver registration process used to be complicated and daunting, however, the good news is that Naver has made it much easier and straight forward. The registration form is now available in English, Chinese and Korean.

In order to register, KorGou assumes you have a mobile phone that is able to receive text message. registration step one

Step one: Open your browser and navigate to Click 회원가입 (Register) link in the login area (as indicated by the attached image). registration step two

Step two: We have to agree with Naver terms of service before proceeding to the next step. Click the first circle icon and the following icons will be ticked automatically. Otherwise tick them one by one.

Step three: Input ALL the required information in the registration form. Do follow the instructions and prompts of the website.Username – It is safe to use the combination of letters and numbers as your username. If the username you input is correct in format and is available, it will prompt “Welcome”, otherwise, it will prompt “Username is already taken”.Password – Choose your password and do remember it. The retrieve password page is in Korean and you definitely don’t want to mess up with the process of retrieving password.First Name and Last Name – Input your first name and last name. Only English or Korean are allowed.Birthdate – Input your birth month and birth day.Recovery Email – Input your backup email for emergency use such as password recovery.Phone number verification – Select your country code, enter the phone number in the box beside it and Click “Verify”. Input the verification code you received and click “Confirm”. “Verification is successful” will appear if the code is valid.Click Signup to proceed to the next step. registration step three registration step four

Step four: Congratulations! Your account has been successfully created. Click Start and start using Naver service :P registration step five registration step five registration step six registration step six

Step five: We have translated some important buttons and functions to help our customer use Naver email service. Follow the directions and have fun.

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