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Due to the extra large-size package shipped by the Gmarket, it is not uncommon that these packages are examined and returned by the Customs. It usually takes more than two months to get the packages returned and re-delivered by Gmarket, besides, the shipping fees should be paid by international wire transfer, and communication with Gmarket Customer Service is not always a happy experience due to the language barriers and service overload.

In contrast, KorGou offers a series of value-added services, easy-to-reach customer support in Chinese, Korean and English, convenient payment through Alipay and Paypal, which alleviates our customers’ pain during the processing of Customs return packages and helps reduce cost and time.

KorGou’s advantages

1. KorGou accepts payment through the Alipay and Paypal, which reduces your international transfer cost.
2. KorGou’s customer service supports Chinese, Korean and English, you can communicate with us to get tailored packaging advice and forwarding schemes.
3. KorGou supports unlimited free package consolidation, we dispose of individual packages and consolidate them into one package during the packaging process. The reduced size of the forwarded packages notablly accelerates the Customs clearance.
4. KorGou notifies customers the damage of the items during packaging so customers can make return or exchange of the items with sellers.
5. KorGou provides complimentary basic consolidation and cushion for fragile goods to keep your items safe.
6. KorGou can split your packages when you have bought a large number of items to help pass the Customs examination.
7. For customers in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan, KorGou’s EMS invoices are printed in Chinese or Japanese, the correct recipient information contributes to accurate and prompt local delivery.
8. KorGou supports cash on delivery for domestic packages, so just ask Gmarket deliver your packages domestically and KorGou will take care of the rest.
10. KorGou offers 30-day free storage period, you can order stuff at Korean shopping sites at the same time and have your items forwarded together with your Customs returned ones.
11. The Customs declaration information by KorGou are more comprehensive, accurate and flexible which helps reduce your chances of Customs duties.

Forward Customs return packages by KorGou: step by step

1. Customers reject and ask the Customs return the packages to Gmarket or the sender, kindly be noted that package return generally doesn’t incur additional shipping fees or charges.
2. Your packages will be returned to Korea, which takes a week to month depending on the Customs’ arrangement.
3. Sign in at and get your unique Korean address and ask Gmarket or the original sender send your returned packages to the address. KorGou supports cash on delivery, please make sure that your KorGou account have enough balance or contact us prior to the domestic shipment.
4. It takes two to three business days for the packages to be delivered to the KorGou warehouse. Users will be notified package arrival once the packages arrived.
5. Submit your package forward application once all the packages arrived. You can split the packages and evenly separates the items bought.
6. KorGou processes your packages and once finished notifies the customers payment information.
7. Your packages will be forwarded by the EMS of FEDEX upon receiving your payment. It generally takes three to ten days for the packages delivered in major countries.

Forward Customs return packages by KorGou step by step

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