How do I pay my KorGou orders?

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KORGOU currently supports three types of payment: the PayPal (US$), Alipay (RMB), Credit card and bank account transfers.
Upon receipt of your RMB or US dollar amount, KORGOU will automatically convert to the corresponding won at the current conversion rate.
If you need to transfer the value through a bank account, please submit a service voucher or contact the customer directly at the Customer Support Center.

Please check the bank account number below.. and please let us know asap you send your money to us with the trasit time,depositer and amount) via email.

Bank name : KOOKMIN BANK (국민은행)

Our bank account number : 676937-01-013923

Payee : 코고(KORGOU)


KorGou目前支持三种支付方式: PayPal(美元)、 支付宝(人民币),信用卡,韩国,银行账户转账。

如直接转账到下面的银行账号, 请汇款后尽快发送邮件将汇款详情告知我们。

银行名 : KOOKMIN BANK (국민은행)

银行账号 : 676937-01-013923

收款人: 코고(KORGOU)


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