How do I forward packages by KorGou?

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KORGOU, based on the special situation of shopping in Korea, avoids the forecast entry process that most transshipment companies need, and users no longer need to fill in the forecast after ordering on the shopping site, saving you valuable time. The streamlined KorGou transfer flow process consists of the following steps:

  1. Obtain the Korean address with unique identity number after           registration on our website.
  2. When placing an order on a Korean shopping site, fill in your Korean address as your receiving address.
  3. After delivery of goods by Korean merchants, the goods arrive at KorGou warehouse and identify the warehousing.
  4. The customer checks the tracking number with the order details of the shopping site. If all is present, submit the forward application in my KorGou system.
  5. KorGou, upon receipt of the user’s transfer instruction, pack and account for the costs as required.
  6. Delivery of the warehouse will be arranged upon payment by the customer.
  7. User receiving, transfer flow is complete.

Please refer to this page for more details on the workflow:


  1. 在KorGou.com注册后获得带有唯一识别码的KorGou转运地址。
  2. 在韩国购物网站下单时,填写您的KorGou转运地址作为收件地址。
  3. 韩国商家发货后,货物到达KorGou仓库并且识别入库。
  4. 用户与购物网站订单详情核对到货货物运单号,如果全部到齐,在我的KorGou系统里提交转运指令。
  5. KorGou收到用户转运指令后,按照要求打包并核算费用。
  6. 用户支付后安排出库转运。
  7. 用户收件,转运流程完毕。


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