Do I have to register package in advance?

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No need!
KorGou transhipped to reduce the burden of users, eliminating the flow of forced parcel prediction, replacing KorGou staff with careful inspection and sorting when the package arrives.
Each user will automatically assign a unique Korean transhipment address with a unique user code to the system after registering at com. Users can simply follow the system when ordering on a shopping website. The package will be automatically identified and fed into the KorGou repository when it arrives.
In part, the package arrives at the warehouse due to a lack of identification information due to a user’s error in filling in the message received on the shopping site, or when the document pollution is broken or lost. The package will be classified as a unidentified package. In this case, we return the package to the seller or  the user can provide the corresponding information in the system to claim the package, and the KorGou staff will manually confirm the package’s ownership and then process it for warehousing.
KORGOU takes a little extra effort to save the user’s mind.



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