Can I get a refund from the Korean seller to the Korgou account?

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Please give them the below information and have them refund your money this bank account.

Bank name : KOOKMIN BANK (국민은행)

Our bank account number : 676937-01-013923 or 676901-01-259371

Payee : 코고(KORGOU)

And let us know if they refund your money to us((the trasit time,depositer and amount).

After we receive your money from them, we will deposit your KorGou account not paypal account.


银行名 : KOOKMIN BANK (국민은행)

银行账号 :676937-01-013923 or 676901-01-259371

收款人: 코고(KORGOU)


收到卖家的汇款后,我们会尽快给您充值到您的Korgou 账户,请注意不是Paypal。

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