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Which shipping method is cheapest (best)?

It is not able to be jumped into conclusion.First, every shipping agency has its own price standard depending on country, weight and dimension. After we complete consolidation work for your application, we can show you the comparison with other shipping method.

Shipping fee is different with what I got quote from Shipping fee calculator.

Because we offer consolidation service. Customers usually filled the weight and dimension value of single package in the blanks. But as we put multiple packages in a consolidation box for your application with many contents included, the weight and dimension become different. Therefore, shipping fee becomes different as well.

Is there any prohibited/forbidden item for overseas shipping?

Typically, Korea Post does not allow to ship battery or built-in-battery items and perfume or spray-type items. For instance, if a lightstick contains battery itself, it would be prohibited. In this case, please don’t choose EMS, Air Parcel and K-Packet. Instead, choose other couriers such as DHL, FedEx and UPS, it would be possible.

My forwarding application states “Disputed/Problematic.” Why? And How(What) should I do?

There are many reasons, but typically 2 types. First, the shipping method you chose is not available for your country. Especially, this problem frequently happens when Korea Post does not allow the shipping service you chose. Second, the product’s weight or volume is too much to meet the standard of shipping method you chose. For …

My forwarding application states “Disputed/Problematic.” Why? And How(What) should I do? Read More »

Currency Converter

The USD exchange rate has included the fees charged by PayPal. For more details, please refer to Pricing.