KORGOU, the first regular transshipment company founded in Korea, is committed to reducing the overall cost of purchasing in Korea by providing a full set of logistics and payment solutions for global customers.

In general, KORGOU offers three main types of services: Forward packages, Assisted purchase and payment. In addition, we have other special value-added services and export and import service.

  • Forward packages : through KorGou’s warehouse in South Korea, you can forward the goods purchased in Korea to each user’s destination in the world that do not support direct global mail to users, which makes it easy for you to buy Korean goods even if you are not in South Korea.
  • Assisted purchase & payment : Many Korean websites are still not open to foreigners and do not support the use of overseas bank cards to settle accounts. KorGou can place orders on behalf of users and help users transfer payments to sellers in Korea.
  • Value-added services: Based on logistics transfer and payment services, KORGOU also provides rich value-added services such as consolidation for free, original packaging removal ,premium re-packing, goods photography and quantity inspection.
  • Export and Import service.

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