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DHL / FEDEX / TNT rates are determined by comparing the actual weight and volume weight, respectively. Relatively light but bulky products (e.g., blankets, winter clothes, dolls, bag snacks, instant noodles, products that require a lot of buffering materials, etc.) are cases where the volume weight is larger than the actual weight, so the freight charge is determined by volume weight. Please understand that the shipping fee may vary depending on the size of the packaging box.

The methods for measuring volume weight according to the International Special Delivery Regulations of all air carriers are as follows:

Volume weight = width (cm)*length (cm)*height (cm)/5000

The value divided by 5000 divided by the horizontal, vertical, and height (based on cm) of the packaging box is the volume weight value. If the weight is larger than the actual weight, please refer to the application for safe delivery as we inform you once again that the volume weight is subject to the standard of fare calculation.

DHL/FEDEX/TNT费率都是通过实际重量和体积重量来确定。相对较轻的产品(如毛毯、冬衣、娃娃、袋装零食、 方便面、需要大量缓冲材料的产品等)都是体积重量大于实际重量的情况,因此运费由体积决定。请理解,

运费      可   能会根据包装箱的大小而有所不同。


容重=宽(cm)*长(cm)*高(cm)/5000 值除以5000除以包装箱的水平、垂直和高度(以厘米为单位)即为体积重量值。如果重量大于实际重量,请参考安全交付申请,我们再次通知您体积重量以标准价格计算为准。

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