Disposal service notice

Hello, this is Korgou Service Center. Today we inform this notice to give you guideline when you fill in [Disposal notes] of Disposal service. If your instructions are consisted of vague meaning in the note, wrong result can be caused by misunderstanding. So we suggest that you fill the note with clear and specific contents …

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Korean New Year’s Days!

Hello, this is Korgou. We wish you have happy time for new year. From 21st to 24th on January, we would be off for holidays, Korean New Years Day (called Seollal).So we would be so grateful if you use our services after. Best regards,Korgou.

Error in Photo Uploading

Hello. We apologize that the photo upload function is not working smoothly due to the maintenance of Korgou system. We would do our best to complete the maintenance as soon as possible. Best regards, Korgou.

Delay of Air Shipment to USA

Hello, this is Korgou. Today, we inform that every air shipment for USA would be putting on hold because of the heaviest snow. So we would be grateful if you understand this situation.Plus, we really wish all of customers, families and neighbors would be safe. Best regards, Korgou.

Shipping fee raise

Due to the continued inflation worldwide, international carriers such as DHL, FEDEX, and UPS will increase their shipping rates by an average of 7.5% as of January 2, 2023. Therefore, Korgou’s shipping rate will also be increased to meet the criteria and please understand this situation.

Currency Converter

The USD exchange rate has included the fees charged by PayPal. For more details, please refer to Pricing.