Shipping insurance and insurance claims

Korgou makes every effort to process your packages in a fast and safe manner, however, from time to time, problems with delivery occur and packages may be vulnerable to losses and damages. To fully protect your packages, KorGou recommends insurance for package valued over ₩200,000.

Policy of uninsured package

Package value assessment and processing time

Insurance policy of the shipping is in effect only if available and selected by customer. Customer must make sure that the exact value of products is entered on the customs declaration form and the value can be proved by order or invoice. Insurance will pay the lower amount in case of the lost package (either as in on the invoice or on the customs declaration).
All claims for damages must be reported to KorGou within 10 days after receiving the package. Otherwise they will be automatically denied.
Upon receiving valid claims with supporting documents, KorGou will process them within 30 business days.