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    As customers know the current world-wide Corona virus situation, all shipping services via Post office have been delayed severely and we will stop shipping all packages related normal registered air service and sea service except EMS until Corona virus situation is relieved. So we recommend our customers to use DHL, FEDEX, and TNT services in case of urgent shipping orders..
    * Regarding details on shipping stop countries, pls see the below notice(shipping stop countries).

  • 替代航运公告

    由于客户了解目前全球新冠病毒情况,所有通过邮局运输的服务均出现严重延误。因为新冠病疫情的原因,所有航空服务与海事服务相关的包裹均已停止运送,直到疫情缓解为止.给您带来不便,我们十分抱歉望请谅解. 因此,我们建议客户在紧急装运订单时,使用DHL,FEDEX和TNT服务。

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KorGou carefully re-packaged my goods into a small box so I don’t need to pay the extra Custom duties due to the large-sized box.


I had one order assisted paid by KorGou. The total fee is even cheaper than direct payment by the Bank. I am happy to rate KorGou a 5/5.


Good seller and very fast payment, I’ll definitely come again when I need to buy Korean goods.


Excellent, very fast shippment, nice customer service and trustworthy business.


Superb seller and nice customer service. Answers all of my questions with patience.


I was a little worried because what I ordered was a laptop, but KorGou exceeds my expectations. I received my goods only one day after the shippment from Korea to Hong Kong.


Very good package forwarding company. KorGou successfully forwarded my mobile phone which the ohter company failed to ship, and the seal of box remains intact.


Very warm service. KorGou patiently responds to my inquires and even helps contact the seller in Korea.