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    If a deposit is made within two weeks of the forwarding application date, ,
    50% of the processing fee is refunded to Korgou Account : Paypal or Alipay is not refundable.

    Application period : Application from 2020. January 20 to February 16.

  • 8282 (快快行动)活动!!

    大家好! 最近2周内申请的打包,将有50%的手续费优惠。

    将优惠部分将会返换还到您的korgou 账户,不可提现到PayPal 或支付宝。

  • KorGou正式加入海淘转运联盟大家庭

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KorGou carefully re-packaged my goods into a small box so I don’t need to pay the extra Custom duties due to the large-sized box.


I had one order assisted paid by KorGou. The total fee is even cheaper than direct payment by the Bank. I am happy to rate KorGou a 5/5.


Good seller and very fast payment, I’ll definitely come again when I need to buy Korean goods.


Excellent, very fast shippment, nice customer service and trustworthy business.


Superb seller and nice customer service. Answers all of my questions with patience.


I was a little worried because what I ordered was a laptop, but KorGou exceeds my expectations. I received my goods only one day after the shippment from Korea to Hong Kong.


Very good package forwarding company. KorGou successfully forwarded my mobile phone which the ohter company failed to ship, and the seal of box remains intact.


Very warm service. KorGou patiently responds to my inquires and even helps contact the seller in Korea.