We resumes original box removing service from 23rd November 2020, which applies to orders submitted from exactly 23rd November.

  • < EMS and Air parcel emergency fee increases again from 23rd Nov 2020 >

    Post Office charges emergency fee on EMS and Air parcel from October 5, 2020. And this emergency fee will increase by over 50% by countries from 23rd Nov 2020 again. Additional fees are charged in addition to the transportation charges due to Corona and countries that can use EMS have been increased. Since additional fees vary by country and by weight, Please refer to the notice in Korea post office website.

  • < Changing information in forward request order >

    As many customers know, forward request order with shipping price updated cannot be cancelled and changed to new information like shipping method and address. However, we help you change those information for the convenience of customers. Pls note that we do not have full reponsibility on any of error that can happen from changing those information.

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  • < False twitter activity about Korgou >

    In these days, many false activities pretending to act as Korgou are detected in SNS like twitter. Pls do not follow false activities since we do not have any official account in SNS activity. KORGOU name itself and the system is registered as a patent. If we make any official activity, there will be notice via our website. On top of that, we found some suspicious people who collect their clients and get a kind of storage fee as if he or she is running a warehouse in Korea behind us. Pls note that we do not rent our warehouse and a customer cannot make more than one Korgou account unless there is special reason. Korgou will not be responsible for any fraud or scam from assisted purchase activity in each customer's country.

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KorGou carefully re-packaged my goods into a small box so I don’t need to pay the extra Custom duties due to the large-sized box.


I had one order assisted paid by KorGou. The total fee is even cheaper than direct payment by the Bank. I am happy to rate KorGou a 5/5.


Good seller and very fast payment, I’ll definitely come again when I need to buy Korean goods.


Excellent, very fast shippment, nice customer service and trustworthy business.


Superb seller and nice customer service. Answers all of my questions with patience.


I was a little worried because what I ordered was a laptop, but KorGou exceeds my expectations. I received my goods only one day after the shippment from Korea to Hong Kong.


Very good package forwarding company. KorGou successfully forwarded my mobile phone which the ohter company failed to ship, and the seal of box remains intact.


Very warm service. KorGou patiently responds to my inquires and even helps contact the seller in Korea.